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IVA's Global Client List

"Aspire today, inspire tomorrow"

Andy Alvarez (writer, director, producer)

Alexander Daly (actor)

Anneke Von Der Lippe (actress, writer)

Amir Shaheen (showrunner, writer, producer)

Brad Crowe & Cat Youell (writing and directing duo)

Nina M. Barbosa Blad & Liv Barbosa Blad (showrunner, writing and producing duo)

Shayla Racquel (writer, director, artist)

Clara Roquet (writer, director, producer)

Johannes Lassen (actor)

John Sayage (producer)

Lilly Platt (speaker, climate and youth activist)

Lukas Von Horbatschewsky (actor)

MiLa Media (Israeli and US Production Company)

Natalie Nasr (actor, writer)

Nicolo Donato (writer, director)

Nonny Okwelogu (writer, director)

Martin Furulund (actor)

Morten Holst (actor)

Melissa Kong (writer)

Sofie Asplin (actress)

Thomas Gullestad (actor, musician)

Trond Halbo (actor)

Yago Carlo Muñoz & Carlo Muñoz Osio (writing, directing and producing duo)

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