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Media Consulting Services & Packages

"Be fearless in the pursuit that sets your soul on fire" 

*Please note that prices may vary per service and package.

We look forward to helping you grow your career, and achieve your dreams and goals!

Entertainment Career Strategy & Counsel

Are you new and looking to start your career in media and entertainment, but not sure what the best strategy for you is? Or are you already an industry veteran who just needs a little up to date strategy refreshment? If you answered yes, then this is the perfect package for you.


We will not, only advise you on how to build your brand in a social media driven marketplace, but we’ll also help you create a custom-made plan that will help you reach your goals more efficiently and better. This package is ideal for everyone currently working or looking to work in all aspects of media and entertainment, whether an actor, producer, director, writer, influencer or executive.

PR & Branding Strategy

This extensive package is perfect for artists, influencers, talent, media personalities, content creators as well as businesses who are looking for strong media exposure and to align themselves with potential endorsement opportunities, partnerships or sponsors to help take their brand identity to the next level.


*Please note that this is a retainer service, and depends on what the artist’s needs are. 

Professional Reel Service

Do you need a professional acting or director’s showreel? You tell us what you want, and we will make sure to get you the best reel for your needs.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media has not, only changed the ways by which we consume content, but it has also become a major driving force dictating so much of an artist’s, including businesses', career opportunities and brand growth.


Based off of our extensive experience working with influencers, we will make an in depth assessment of your sense of content direction and help you to create a strong social media strategy, so that all your social media will help you get more career opportunities. 

Image Consulting

If you’re uncertain about how you would want your personalized brand image to be perceived and wonder how it currently fits or might fit into the ever-changing media and entertainment marketplace, then this is the perfect package for you.

Lifestyle, Well-Being and Nutrition Counseling

Would you like to optimize your lifestyle and diet, while at the same time staying in a good shape, both mentally and psychically? Are you interested in learning more about how the right choices regarding nutrition and exercise can make you more ready for life's challenges?

Then you have come to the right place.

Dijana Stupar, a registered clinical dietitian and authorized personal trainer, who in addition to media and entertainment, has more than a decade of experience working at fitness centers and hospitals, will create a customized wholesome lifestyle plan just for you.

Script Coverage & Feedback

Knowing what each Film/TV buyer is looking for, and how their mandates are constantly changing in today’s digital landscape, we will offer you, not only constructive feedback on your screenplay, pilot or treatment, but also very insightful and strategic industry specific notes.

Script Translation

We offer script translation services in several languages, including Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, German and Croatian.


*Please contact us for more details. 

Film & TV Financing Strategy

This is for those who have a finished screenplay or pilot, but they’re not quite sure on how to get it off the ground.


After reading your project, we will create a specific list of financiers that we recommend you should be targeting. Pending the story and writing, we may also offer introductions to various financing companies.

Film Sales Strategy

This is for those who have a finished film, but are looking for a U.S or international sales agent to help secure distribution.


After screening your film, we will provide you with, not only the most up to date list of both domestic and international sales agencies, but also a customized list of places that we highly recommend you should be targeting for your film. Pending the project, we may assist with introducing you to various sales agents.

Film & TV Buyers / Distribution Strategy

This is for those who prefer targeting buyers / distributors directly, skipping the more traditional sales agency route. The distribution landscape has changed immensely over the past few years, with there being more buyers and available platforms today than ever before.

We will screen your film or TV pilot, and create a specifically tailored buyers list for you of distribution companies that we recommend for your project. 

Film & TV Festival Strategy

Do you have a finished film or pilot, but you’re not quite sure which festival it may be best suited for? Don’t worry, we got you covered.


After screening your film/pilot, we will create a specifically tailored target list of film festivals that we recommend submitting your project to.

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