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The Importance Of Finding Your Brand Image

In today’s social media driven marketplace, your brand image dictates so much of your career opportunities. It doesn’t matter whether you work in film, television, music, or in an industry completely unrelated to entertainment.


Your brand image can help you connect with your fans and consumers that are and should become your priorities. They are the ones who will ultimately help get you recognition, and that is why it’s important that you make a strong first impression. The impression people create of you at the beginning of your career sets the foundation for how you will be perceived. That is why some many actors end up getting typecast and some musicians never get taken seriously. It might sound superficial and unimportant, but in a world where society has become dictated by how many followers you have on social media, this is the reality.  

Some actors and musicians might go, “well I don’t exactly know what my brand or voice is, or how I would want it to look like”. One great suggestion is to take a look back at some of your favorite and most successful artists or actors. For instance, when Lady Gaga or Sandra Bullock were starting out, what brand image do you think they were they going for to create that strong first impression?

Lady Gaga is a massively talented musician, performer and actress, but when she first rose to the scene her brand image stood out because of her unconventional red carpet outfits that complemented her unbelievable concert performances. Lady Gaga has also been great at using her social media platforms to connect with her fans in ways that have always come across as authentic, profound and meaningful. Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock was able to create a huge first impression in the early 90s by honing in on her excellent comedic skills and thus becoming known as “America’s Sweetheart”, which became part of her brand. The common denominator that both of these two incredibly talented women share is that they began their careers by creating a strong first impression. This ultimately set them up for success, which led them to even bigger opportunities down the road that eventually saw them both branching out of their comfort zones. Lady Gaga dipped into acting and is now also a Golden Globe winning actress. Sandra Bullock has an Oscar for her performance in The Blind Side, which saw her take a dramatic turn from her usual comedic characters. However, neither one of them would have been able to reach the level of success that they have if it weren’t for their strong first impressions at the beginning of their careers.

In the end, it all comes down to finding your own brand image and thus making that first, most crucial chance count. With our extensive PR and social media experience, we can help you find your image brand today. So no need to wait any longer - reach out to us and we will help you get started!

Also, in honor of this Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, TeamIVA ranked our top 3 best dressed celebrities:

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