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The Intersection of Creativity, Business, and Technology

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Music plays an important role in all of modern society. When you enter a coffee shop, you expect soulful relaxing music. When you enter a retail store, you expect them to set the mood, showcasing the brand’s personality. And when you enter a bar, you only expect songs you can dance and sing to, not a podcast about the next best method to hustle. Without music, the world would lose a lot of its characteristics, yet that is only one form of audio consumption, and Spotify has proven time and time again that their platform is one of the best to have an immersive audio experience.

Recently, Spotify Advertising teamed up with acclaimed music video director Amber Grace Johnson, releasing their latest ad together, “All Ears On You”. A great combination of music, podcasts, sound effects, and visual effects, the video showcases individuals plugged into their music completely segregated from the world around them. With the soulful yet catchy “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” in the background, Joy Crooke’s song manages the pacing of the vibrant images. Link to the video ad can be found here.

“In order for me to fall in love with anything I do, I have to see the beauty and purpose in it. I try my best to approach advertising as an art form and with some psychology. At a basic level, what do people want? What makes us feel? People are excited about what other people are passionate about. And I personally engage in videos that make me forget where I am and take me on a ride. For this film, music in itself, is a lifeline to so many people. In no way did this concept or process feel like advertising to me.” Amber explains how a commercial can be more than just advertising, it can be an art that truly reaches an audience, which makes Spotify Advertising’s approach so special.

Businesses must take an interest in developing advertisements that engage the audience on a much higher level. Spotify Advertising understood that the best way to showcase their immersive experience, to an audience that has provided input and proven the validity of their experience, is through involving a creative from the industry. Amber Grace Johnson has shot some of the best music videos in the industry, recently that for Lolo Zouaï Galipette, receiving a nomination for Best Pop Video (International) from the UK Music Video Awards. As such, Amber recognizes the importance of engaging an audience aurally.

The advertisement barely showcases the product, the Spotify app was shown booting up for a short close up and the product was not seen again. For the majority of the video, the experience was being sold, not the product. The experience of listening to music no matter where you are. Whether it be walking around the streets of New Mexico, being stuck in traffic, an intimate moment in the middle of the street, or even if you are flying through the sky, the music provided by Spotify will keep you immersed. At the end of the video, the viewer is not desiring the Spotify product, but the audio consumption experience advertised. A business’ willingness to allow creatives to lead without limiting their creativity is the best way to reach the audience they hope to captivate, and in this case, Spotify has revealed that we are all winners in the end.


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