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YouthMundus Festival Initivate
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IVA is also thrilled to be organizing a new Global Content and Music Festival Initiative that’s specifically aimed at youth and centered around the SDGs. 

Our mission is to raise awareness about important and time sensitive social issues, affecting today’s global youth. Our fundamental objectives are to gather, connect and inspire young voices from around the globe to speak up and stand in solidarity to encourage YOUTH to believe that change is possible by enforcing and promoting equity, respect, tolerance, love, solidarity, authenticity, peace, justice, unity, safety, inclusion and humanity.

Our values are inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 goals serve as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. SDGs address the global challenges we face today, including those related to poverty, inequality, discrimination, climate, education, violence, human rights, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace, war conflicts, gun violence and justice.

Please visit the festival initiative’s website at for more information, and to learn how you can join this very special movement today!

The Oceanic Global Certificate

We are thrilled to announce that Oceanic Global has named YouthMundus Festival an Ocean Champion. 


Oceanic Global is an ocean conservation nonprofit that partners with brands and policy makers to curb the use of single-use plastics. They award four tiers of badges to recognize different sustainability achievements. 

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