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Marie Stella

You may recognize Marie Stella from her TikTok comedy skits. These skits oftentimes display a variety of film and television tropes many of us have grown up with on screen. Whether it's tropes from shows on the Disney Channel, Hallmark films, or even just typical film and television genres, Marie has most likely created a video for it. Not only does Marie star in these skits, most of the time as multiple characters, but she also is the one filming, directing, designing the set, and putting together the costumes. Today, the Global Spotlight talks to Marie about her videos, TikTok journey, and her hopes for her videos.

What made you first start making your “... be like” videos?

I first started with a “commercials be like” video making a perfume parody. The inspiration came from watching real ads, really. I noticed a few recurrent characteristics in perfume commercials, like the woman who’s always wearing a beautiful gown and running in the middle of cities like Athens or Paris.

I had a few dresses that were collecting dust, so I thought why not find a good excuse to showcase them, make it worth the price haha. I was surprised to see that so many people found that video relatable and that so many of us share a similar perception of the things we watch like commercials and movies. So, I thought, why not attempt to deliver something we have in common and hopefully unite a community, through a comedic approach.

Can you tell me more about your creative process when making your videos?

Yes! It mostly goes like this: an idea randomly pops in my head while watching a movie or even during a conversation, and I always laugh and say, “hey that would be a good skit”. I smirk to myself and end up writing a script. Then I get to filming a day or two after! With all the character outfit and makeup changes, filming can take several hours but it’s worth it in the end.

Music is also a big part of my creative process as it really inspires me in the storytelling process. I feel like every song can tell a story or even multiple ones. I love to just sit there with music in my ears and to visualize an entire concept. During editing, I can spend hours just looking for the “right” song for my skit.

Would you have ever expected to gain the following you did when you first started making videos?

Not at all lol. I mean I definitely dreamt of gaining a following, but I never thought it would actually happen!

What would you say is by far the most surprising thing that has happened to you throughout your TikTok journey?

The most surprising thing that happened throughout my TikTok journey was for me to be able to become a full- time video content creator. I don’t think I even dared to dream of becoming a YouTuber or a content creator growing up, because I didn’t think people would watch my videos or be interested in any aspect of me to be honest. Before this crazy amazing journey, I also thought I had life figured out and that I had all my future plans written out. This journey really taught me that uncertainty can be greater than one could ever imagine.

Have you ever considered writing and directing your own movies?

Yes, yes, and YES! I definitely would love to write and direct movies someday. Through more knowledge and experience in the field, hopefully I can get there one day!

Which videos do you have the most fun making?

Haha, I’ll have to say the Rom-com parodies mostly because I know how much my community is fond of Mario Stello (my male version), so I make sure to give him the sweetest and cheesiest lines every time, knowing how the audience will react.

I saw that one of your videos includes you singing a song you wrote using a random word. Would you ever consider writing and recording more music?

Yes! I’m currently working on a song that I wrote more than a year ago. It’s planned to come out this Spring actually, so I’m hoping for even more music on the way!

Finally, what do you hope your videos can do for your viewers?

When I publish these videos, I just hope that my viewers receive it well and that it can bring a smile or a laugh on their face. I feel like movies can be a good escape from reality, and through my videos, my goal is to bring something similar. I hope it can lighten their day and make them leave their problems for even a brief minute, then my day is made!




#TEAM IVA Interview conducted and written by Karis Fields


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