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Carola Marin

At YouthMundus & Inner Voice Artists, we aim to not only be a platform for music, film and global change, but for the artists and global changemakers who create them.

Our Artist Spotlight series aims to create a space for discovery of new, budding global talent, while simultaneously offering you an exclusive glimpse into their creative process.

We’re absolutely thrilled to have passionate international freelance illustrator, Carola Marin, be our next artist featured!

“I would love to encourage every person who loves art, in whatever form of it appeals to you, to pursue it. Never give up. Don’t be afraid to take on a perspective, and make sure that perspective is important enough to you that it will keep you motivated your entire life." - Carola Marin

Despite having a degree in Business, Marketing, & Web Development, Carola Marin’s greatest passion has always been illustration. A 29-year old from Spain, Carola yearned to study arts during her adolescence, however, she explains succinctly: “I wanted to pursue art academically, but, life is complicated!”

Unfortunately, Carola’s artistic fervor was almost lost to the chaos of life. However, her inspiration was suddenly ignited due to her ongoing consumption of popular culture. Carola explains that she “tried to find that passion for the arts that I had lost, it was in this journey that I became a freelance illustrator!”

Now, a successful illustrator who has designed for HarperCollins UK, TempusMagazine, and Feels Magazine, Carola looks forward to more success and upward mobility within her field.

What inspires you and your creative process?

There is always something inspiring in your daily life, you only have to see it. I love spending time observing people, watching their different shapes, features, attitudes, personalities and seeing how different we all are. My portraits focus on representing the enormous diversity and beauty of all human beings.

My own fears and insecurities also play an important role in my work. For example, when I'm having a bad day, painting becomes a way of expressing those negative feelings and emotions.

It is also inspiring to see other artists’ works, form paintings, shows, photography, movies, music. Every form of art is inspiring to me in some way, I really enjoy seeing it in my daily life.

What is the connection between your art and social justice?

I want to express a point of view with every piece I make. As I said before, I love to create things utilizing emotions and I love portraying the inherent uniqueness of humans beings. I try to give visibility to all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours.

As young people, society teaches and shows us that only a select few bodies are valid. We are used to seeing the "beauty" that the privileged few wants us to see. However, I believe we are all beautiful in our own way. All bodies, shapes, colors and types are valid and beautiful and deserve their own spaces.

I have always been insecure and have fought my own emotional and mental battles concerning my body image. However, I think we all need to become more aware around this topic, educate ourselves and show people that everyone’s unique beauty is valid and our differences and peculiarities are what make us special. I try to represent diversity through my paintings and I honestly hope they help someone in some way. If my illustrations can help just one person in one small way, all the struggles I’ve endured to get here have been worth it.

What inspired you to pursue illustration? What were the challenges you overcame in this?

I've always suffered from anxiety, things can easily feel extremely  overwhelming for me. I discovered that painting, sketching, or just simply just doodling relaxed me mentally and physically. My relationship with art began as a way to calm and express myself.

There was a period in my life where I didn't paint at all. But, one day, it struck me: I  needed that calm, happy place again. I picked up a pencil and started again. Just like that. I believe my decision to return to illustrating has, and continues to, help me a lot.

What's been the most rewarding part about being an artist for you? Do you have any advice for emerging artists and/or illustrators? Is there anything you wish you would have known before you started your career in illustration?

The most rewarding part of my artistry is being able to create meaningful works of art that matter to people.

The highlights of my job include receiving personal messages thanking me for giving representation to diversity in projects like my International Women Day illustrations.As an artist, I think the best feeling is being able to see the impact your work has had on people.

I would love to encourage every person who loves art, in whatever form of it appeals to you, to pursue it. Never give up. Don’t be afraid to take on a perspective, and make sure that perspective is important enough to you that it will keep you motivated your entire life.

Don’t pressure yourself and absolutely do not compare your work with other artists. This is such a big weakness for artists. We can often pressure ourselves in our effort to improve and to try new things. Wanting to get better is natural, for some, even necessary to achieving betterment in their work. But, you also have to harness this eagerness and allow yourself the time you need, otherwise your overefforting can lead to preventable creative blocks. Take the time to get to know yourself as a person and as an artist, get to know your limits and work within and around them freely.

Check out Carola's Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram!

Thank you for your continuous support and love,

Lots of love,

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