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Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose is a visual storyteller who uses music to fuel the stories she tells through her cinematic TikToks. Taking inspiration from songs by Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and much more, Hannah takes the stories and music videos she creates in her mind when listening to songs by these artists and makes them into reality using her videography and editing skills. Today, we talk to Hannah about music, cinematography, nature, Taylor Swift, and her film making aspirations.

Your cinematic videos on TikTok are absolutely beautiful. Where do you get the inspiration for them?

I’ve always daydreamed A LOT, I’m constantly creating stories and music videos in my head, it’s my way of processing emotions and turning them into something meaningful, so most of my video ideas are spontaneous. But music and nature really inspire me too, I tend to see the world in a romanticized way so making my videos allows me to let that come to life.

Speaking of your TikTok, you first went viral after posting a cinematic video using an audio mashup of the bridge to “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” and “22 (Taylor’s Version)” in the background. Since then, you’ve posted other videos using Taylor Swift’s music as a way to sort of help with telling the story in your videos. What about Taylor’s music makes it so transferable to the film landscape?

Taylor conveys such beautiful, vivid imagery in her lyrics, especially in the recent folklore and evermore albums, that when turning it into film she’s already painted such strong visuals to build ideas from. Film can often be a way of reflecting on your own life, so it really helps in connecting with an audience that her music is very narrative led and captures experiences so many people can relate to such as growing up, grief and love.

Is this something you’re going to continue doing, or have you thought about doing this with songs from other artists?

Yes, I definitely am going to branch out, I actually just finished editing a video to Olivia Rodrigo's "Deja Vu"! I'm quite a film and TV fanatic too, so I have videos planned using the music and themes of Stanger Things as well.

I’m always going to lean towards Taylor’s music for it’s storytelling potential but I really just go wherever my next idea takes me.

Would you ever consider taking it a step further and creating your own full length short film centered around one of these songs?

I actually hadn’t thought about that, but, now you mention it, I’d love to! I think Taylor’s short film for the song "All Too Well" has definitely created a space for that type of film, and people -me included obviously- love being given a deep insight into a song like that, so perhaps I’ll try it out.

What about short films in general. Are you currently working on any new original film projects?

Yes I am! I haven’t got to a stage of filming yet, but I had a very random moment of inspiration last week and had to stop everything to scribble the idea down.

It’s a short film focused on mental health and reaching out for help for it - a fear that I’m very glad I overcame, so I guess it’s autobiographical in sense - and it stylistically takes inspiration from Wes Anderson and a YouTuber called Ella Fields, she makes the most beautiful short films.

I’m really excited to start working on it and I hope it brings some people a sense of peace, and perhaps the courage to reach out for some help if they need it too.

Have you ever considered a career in film?

Until about 2 months ago, honestly. I didn’t consider a career in film because I didn’t see it as an option for me - perhaps a large part of that was self doubt. But I've gained confidence through all the lovely support I've received online and have realized I do want to pursue it.

I don’t know yet which place in that industry I’d like to be in, but, as long as I’m surrounded by inspiring people of similar mindsets, I think I’ll be okay.

When did you first start learning the art of cinematic filmmaking and editing?

As cliché as it sounds, I’ve been making videos for as long I can recall.

My dad loved editing, so he was always borrowing my toys to animate in stop motion, and I’d sit for hours in awe. It’s every child’s dream for their toys to come alive so it was like watching magic.

Since then I’ve taught myself how to edit through trial and error, YouTube tutorials, and making my fair share of embarrassing YouTube videos as a child.

What is something you’d like to say to your followers?

I’d like to say thank you for always being so kind about my TikToks, it brings me such joy reading comments, especially being told my videos have helped calm people who have been stressed and made them feel safe. All I could ever ask for is to know that what I made helped somebody feel better.

I’ve got so many more videos planned and I hope you all stick around in my little patch of the internet for them.




#TEAM IVA Interview conducted and written by Karis Fields


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