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Josh Robinson

Have you ever found yourself wondering what music others walking around you on the street are listening to? Josh Robinson has, and he intends to find out. Born in Cambridge, Josh Robinson began his TikTok journey by posting prank videos. However, he soon transitioned into more street interview styled content and began to ask people the above question: what song are you listening to? Today, The Global Spotlight Magazine talks with Josh about his TikTok journey, what he hopes for his videos, and music.

What made you start wanting to film yourself asking others what songs they were listening to?

I got inspired by listening to a lot of music myself. I used to walk to and from the bus stop when I was at college. I thought to myself, I need some different music to listen to. So, I started asking people without recording just randomly on the bus and on the streets what song they where listening to. I would then actually enjoy the music that they recommended to me.

I thought, I think everyone should do this, but a lot of people don’t have the confidence to do it. That’s why I started making videos doing it, to not only inspire people to listen to different varieties of music, but to also help people grow confidence if they are lacking it. Motivation to find new music, motivation to push out of your comfort zone.

Do you believe that you can learn a lot about a person based on the type of music they listen to?

You can definitely learn so much from what music someone enjoys to listen to, yes. I feel music is a part of everyone in this era. Not only is it super accessible, but also there are so many genres and songs to listen to. One main thing you learn is there is mood. I have found that the song that someone listens to is a huge indicator for what that person is feeling.

I think that is why I love asking people what they're listening to, because it really captures the moment and mood of that person at that exact time.

What are you hoping to achieve with your videos?

I am hoping to achieve an online personality of myself, so I can show the world who I truly am. I would love to inspire people to do better and push out of there comfortable bubble. Steer away from your safe place and start being you. I would like to achieve happiness.

If I can make at least one person smile, if I can make at least one person's day, then my purpose for creating content is complete.

Financially, I would love to work with big brands like YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Shazam, etc.

Have you ever thought of expanding on the types of questions you ask like a sort of Billy On the Street type of thing or do you think you’ll just stick with asking people the song they’re listening to?

I have done a variety of questions and other types of videos. I have over four hundred videos on my account (@oshuclips) and on my YouTube (OSHU) with other questions and interesting topics.

I started TikTok by doing that, then gradually stuck to one thing. I actually started with prank videos, but found out that was not only to hard but I was getting in trouble a lot and getting kicked out of places in my home town, Cambridge.

Are there people who recognize you in the street?

Yes, I love the the people that say hello to me on the streets. If I am ever filming, I make sure to get them involved. I have met so many wonderful people. I will always stop for someone who recognizes me.

Would you consider music to be a universal language?

Yes, it really does connect people from all over the world. It shows that everyone is equal and, if we all come together, we can create beautiful things.

Did you expect to gain the following you have now with your videos?

I did expect to get the followers I have got, yes. I love analytics and algorithm, so I have worked on creating perfectly viral TikToks for over a year now.

I believe that every TikTok has a certain reason/script for them to go viral. If you have that reason/script that creates that viral entity, you can make any video go viral. Consistency and repetition are key.

I have several other accounts that I manage with millions of followers: @Joshua.robinson (4.5 mil) and @oshu.duets (450k). I have learned from these accounts what works and what doesn’t.

What would you like to say to your followers?

What song are you listening to?

Honestly, thank you for the love and support. If you want to find the songs that other people are listening to, then follow the Spotify playlist I have made (OSHU TUNES). You will not regret it!

Also, big things are coming!




#TEAM IVA Interview conducted and written by Karis Fields


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