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Myra Magdalen

Over the years, fashion has evolved from chic, minimalistic designs to more over-the-top displays that oftentimes strive to symbolize something bigger. Fashion designer Myra Magdalen leans towards the latter, creating extraordinary outfit designs that many have seen as being "camp". Myra showcases her talents on her TikTok, creating videos of her putting together these outfits. Today, The Global Spotlight talks with Myra about all things fashion, maximalism, the Twilight films, and creativity.

Before getting into the questions directed more towards you as a designer, I need to know the story about your video background setup. What’s the origin behind the keyboard wall?

I grew up in a really maximalist house. Everywhere that I’ve lived, I’ve always decorated my space in a very maximalist way.

A while back, I was out thrifting and I saw a cardboard box filled with keyboards. My first thought was that these would look so cool on a wall. I specifically ended up putting them on my bathroom wall because that was the only wall in my space that wasn’t already covered with something else.

The clothes you make and design are nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Can you tell me more about your creative process when making and styling your outfits?

I guess as I go about my day, I often just have random thoughts and ideas pop in my head. I’m always jotting things down in my notes app so I don’t forget, which makes going back and reading through them a very fun and chaotic experience.

I just kind of build upon whatever glimpse of an idea that I have, whether it’s a design or just putting together an outfit. Then, as I am putting stuff together, I’ll make revisions as needed until the final product is something that I love and hopefully encapsulates my original vision.

A lot of people say in your comments that you remind them of the character Harper from Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Is she actually an inspiration for you or are there others?

I’m flattered when people compare me to Harper. I remember watching Wizards of Waverly Place a little bit when I was a kid and liking her outfits. But it’s not something I’ve actually thought about when putting together an outfit.

I think I get inspiration from all sorts of things I see in media and out in the world. I think my main style ideas just come from wanting to have fun, express myself, and play around with whatever new ideas pop in my head. I think it would be fun to try and intentionally replicate one of her outfits, though.

People also say that your fashion is "camp", something often referred to when talking about the fashion at the Met Gala. Would you ever want to design clothing for a Met Gala event?

Absolutely, I think that would be a really exciting opportunity. I look forward to seeing the Met Gala fashion every year and would love to be a part of that in any way.

I know I asked you to dive into your creative process in designing clothes in general, but I have to know more about your Twilight dads shirt and Renesmee/Chuckesmee dress. How did you come up with it?

I was a Twilight kid growing up and wore a lot of Twilight merch in middle school and what not.

I saw a meme a while back that said something like “now that Twilight kids are in their twenties, it’s no longer team Edward vs team Jacob, it’s team Charlie vs team Carlisle." It made me laugh and I immediately needed to make a Charlie and Carlisle shirt.

The Chuckesmee dress idea I had was because I rewatched Breaking Dawn and remembered how they used the Renesmee doll on set, Chucknesmee, and thought that would be a fun idea for a dress.

Have you ever sewn your own clothes or do you typically just use the stuff you find and style it all together?

Yes, I have sewn my own clothes. My grandma taught me how to sew when I was a kid and making clothes has been a passion of mine since.

I started a clothing brand, Magdalen, were I sew some of the pieces I’ve designed. I also will make and alter clothes for myself if I have a specific vision for something.

Do you think that there needs to be certain rules when it comes to fashion?

I think that fashion is like any other art form, an expression of human imagination and creativity. And I think in that there shouldn’t be any rules. But, of course, that’s easier said than done.

It’s a privilege to be able to express yourself freely in fashion. Like most people I hope that the world continues to become a more accepting and open place so that people can dress however they want without having to worry about fashion “rules”.

What do you want to say to those out there who think negatively about the content you create?

I don’t know. I understand that my style and content is out there and a bit eccentric, so of course I get it when some people are confused or weirded out by me and my content. This is nothing new to me and not really something that bothers me. You can’t make everyone like you.

And what about your supporters?

I am so grateful that so many people like my content and my creations. So many incredibly cool and talented people at that. It has inspired me to keep creating and to trust my gut.

Also, I love the funny comments people make. I have teared up from laughing so many times reading people’s funny and wholesome comments, and for that I’m also very grateful.




#TEAM IVA Interview conducted and written by Karis Fields


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