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The Importance of Self Care

2018 is coming to an end. It is common to reflect upon the year that has been, and start planning the year ahead.  In our last Newsletter for this year, we at IVA want to put emphasis on self care, as we think this should be a crucial aspect of all your plans, dreams and wishes for 2019. We want to start by stating that self care absolutely is not the same as selfishness. Selfishness is lacking considerations about others and profiting by this. Self care is about making sure that we are well and healthy so that we are more available to help others. According to our view, they are polar opposites. 

Humans are holistic and wholesome beings, and having everything working together is fundamental to healthy and happy life. Self care is any activity that we deliberately choose to do in order to refuel our mental, emotional, and physical health. It is indispensable to living a balanced life, and a key to being able to give your best to the people around you. And why would you not want to perform your best when you know that is exactly what industry professionals (agents, managers, casting directors, directors, and producers) are looking for when they interview you?

As an content creator and performer you constantly need to give a lot of yourself, your time and your energy to others, and therefore you need to make sure you have a strong foundation and are available and ready for that journey. We promise you that without self care this is highly challenging and pretty much impossible, at least in the long run. 

Here are some simple, but important ways on how to achieve an acceptable and needed level of self care in your life:

  • Engage in healthy consistent habits, such as nutritious and balanced eating, moving your body daily and getting enough quality sleep. In practical terms, this means 80 percent of the time you make good, strong, healthy choices and the other 20 percent, you loosen up a bit. We do not believe you have to punish yourself to achieve balance.

  • Create positive verbal affirmations towards your goals and repeat them every morning, and every time you feel stuck. When your head is in the game and you are focused, the rest of you will respond favorably. 

  • Acknowledge and share your feelings. Only you can feel what you feel, and it is never wrong to feel. Feeling something does not mean you have to act upon it, it only means that something is evoking in you. Your feelings always need to be taken seriously if you are to grow, heal and learn.

  • Protect yourself from people and activities that drain you. Say yes to the things you need in your life, and say no to the things you do not need.

  • Practice yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Your body needs exercise, but your soul, mind, brain and nervous system need relaxation, awareness, inner peace and balance. 

  • Give to others, but also learn how to receive from others. You are not a robot nor a machine. You need to fuel yourself with attention, acceptance, respect and affirmation and you need to spend enough time with your loved ones, the ones who let you be the imperfect you and the ones who care about you unconditionally.   

We encourage you to walk into 2019 by taking self care seriously and starting to practice it on a daily basis. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own satisfaction.This does not mean that we should do everything alone or that positive relationships are not essential to us. This simply means that you need to put the control of your happiness in your own hands.  Rather than being a victim of circumstances, get active in taking care of your self and this way also becoming the best possible version of you that you can be in order to achieve success in the entertainment industry.

Thank you for your continuous support and love,

Lots of love,

#Team IVA


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