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The Power of Social Media

Social Media has changed the way the entertainment game is run. It has become a new door leading to increasingly more opportunities, and has come to dictate so much of an artist or actor’s career growth and influence. Heck, not just an artist or actor’s career, but in reality everyone’s careers across all industries. 

So much has changed over the past few years that there are no correct rules or formulas on how to thrive and succeed. For instance, it used to be that if an actor graduated from Julliard, RADA or Tisch they were pre-destined for success, because how can an average model down the street beat a Shakespearean trained actor?

It’s important to understand that most of today’s artists, whether they’d be an actor or musician, don’t make most of their money off of films or making music. The days of the actor’s $20 million dollar paychecks are quickly diminishing, and far and between. Majority of their income comes from endorsement deals or if you are a musician touring as well, which are all today very much dictated by the person’s social media numbers and influence, which in return allows them to go do their “passion projects” such as indie films and other “passion” music gigs. Get the drill? It becomes this chain reaction where one depends on the other for all the pieces of the puzzle to fit nicely together.

I was at brunch the other day where I struck up a friendly conversation with one of the chef’s at the restaurant. The first question they asked me was, "can you follow me on Instagram? It would really help my business out". It’s almost as if Instagram is beginning to replace the traditional business card by allowing free marketing across the board for everyone. When you stop to think about it, it’s actually really cool, exciting and extremely helpful, and here is why: 

It’s super easy

It's sustainable and environmental friendly

It’s FREE It gives YOU control of your own brand

If you know how to use your social media platforms, and you use them wisely and well, opportunities are bound to follow. We get that this is easier said than done, because it takes a lot of time and effort on your part to figure all of this out. But nevertheless, I cannot stress it enough, do not forget that YOU have the power to represent and control YOUR OWN BRAND. Although all the tools are available at your disposal, at the end it’s up to you how you take advantage of the resources presented to you.

Team IVA has not only helped several of our clients grow their social media accounts organically, but we have also played an integral part in helping clients cultivate their brands, which have led to amazing results. The guidelines are rather simple if you’re willing to put in the time, work and patience. Team IVA is more than happy to assist you today, and as a dedicated team help turn your vision into reality by converting your followers into career opportunities!

Thank you for your continuous support and love,

Lots of love,

#Team IVA


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